7.2 List of Terms and Abbreviations

  • Incoming call – call in the control centre – 2N® LiftIP direction
  • Outgoing call – call in the 2N® LiftIP – control centre direction
  • Check(ing) call – automatically activated call in the 2N® LiftIP – control centre direction
  • Control centre – workplace receiving alarm/check calls and failure reports. There can also be separate workplaces for various call types or just the staff mobile telephones.
  • L8 – 2N® Lift8 system, the software can control the check/alarm calls and fully administer the 2N® LiftIP intercoms and other similar devices if necessary
  • PBX – private branch exchange (equipped a Proxy server)
  • VoIP – technology allowing for transmission of digitalised voice in UDP/TCP/IP packets via a PC network. Used for making calls via the Internet or any other data connection.