1. Product Overview

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Basic Properties

2N® SIP Mic is an IP microphone console playing live or pre-recorded announcements to up to 12 zones. Together with the 2N SIP speakers, 2N® SIP Mic provides a complete voice announcement distribution system. However, 2N® SIP Mic is more than that. For example, it can accept calls from the 2N intercoms, listen to the zone traffic, schedule announcements and/or load own messages. This makes it an ideal solution for places where identical announcements are played several times a day, such as schools, amusement parks, stores or public transport terminals. Easy power supply via PoE and programming via a web interface are additional bonuses. With integrated VAPIX®2N® SIP Mic is capable of playing announcements to AXIS® audio systems and cameras.

Advantages of Use

  • Clear and loud speech
  • Announcement planner
  • VAPIX® support
  • Easy control
  • Easy one-cable installation (Ethernet + PoE)
  • VoIP PBX support (SIP)
  • Remote control via DTMF or HTTP commands
  • Integrated administration web server
  • Streamed audio support
  • Applicable as a standard VoIP phone/communicator
  • DTMF detection according to RFC2833, in-band and SIP-INFO

Basic Features

  • 10/100Base-TX LAN interface
  • 12 V DC / 2 A or PoE 802.3af supply
  • Integrated speakers and top-quality microphone in package


  • This product, its installation and configuration are not intended for persons with physical, sensory or mental disabilities or persons with limited experience and skills unless expert supervision or relevant instructions are provided to them by a person responsible for their safety.