5.6.1 Commands

The Commands folder helps you send commands via SMS.

  • Information Reading (INF) – command to send an SMS including basic information (signal, used mobile network technology, provider code and name, battery status).
  • Parameter Reading (GET) – command to send an SMS including information on selected parameters.
  • Parameter Change (SET) – command to change parameters in the setting.
  • Password Change (PWD) – command to change the device password. 
  • Factory Defaults (DEF) – command to reset the device factory defaults.
  • Restart (RST) – command to restart the device.

SMS CommandSMS FormatNote
Read information (INF)EG INF password

The reply includes such information as the device serial number, FW version, IMEI and IMSI, roaming status, signal strength, network supply status, battery status and remaining battery time.

Set the reply contents using the INF message format parameter.

In case 2 SIM cards are used in the device, the SMS reply includes two IMSIs and information related to the active SIM card only.

Read parameters (GET)EG GET password

E.g.: EG GET password 150 swg_enable sim1_pin

(Send the command to get information on the My2N settings, SMS function on the device and SIM 1 PIN code.)

Change parameters (SET)

EG SET password numeric or text identifier=new value

This command helps you change the parameter values; configurable parameters must be assigned numbers.

If set as a text, a parameter must be closed in parentheses.

E.g.: EG SET password 150=1 sgw_period=60 sim1=1234 243=(internet.t-mobile.cz)

(Send the command to set the My2N service enable, set the INF message period to 60 minutes, change of SIM 1 PIN code to 1234 and set the APN.)

Change password (PWD)EG PWD password_old password_new

E.g.: EG PWD amethyst_old amber_new

The new password will be set as amber.

Set factory defaults (DEF)EG DEF password

E.g.: EG DEF amber

Send the command to reset the factory defaults, which is followed by the device restart.

Restart device (RST)EG RST password

E.g.: EG RST amber

The device will be restarted.

Command Feedback
EG SET OKSetting ok
EG ERR Unknown CommandA command other than SET, GET, DEF, RST, INF has been used
EG ERR PasswordInvalid password
EG ERR Invalid ParametersInvalid parameter in command
EG ERR invalid Syntax

Invalid characters (spaces, equal signs, etc.)


  • The commands are only valid if typed in capital letters.
  • One type of command can only be sent via SMS.
  • For the GET and SET commands, multiple parameters can be used at the same time separated with spaces. The parameters are set by a numeric or text identifier and can be combined. We recommend that you use numerical identifiers, as they contain fewer characters.
  • The maximum SMS length is 140–160 characters. If a setting out of the allowed value range is requested or there is another error in the message, no setting will be made for any parameter.


  • Refer to Subs. for the parameter list including identifiers.