5.9.2 Batteries

The Batteries folder helps you set the backup battery capacity and service life values.

  • Nominal Capacity – complete the nominal capacity value for the batteries.
  • Actual Capacity – complete the real capacity value for the batteries.
  • Installation Date – complete the back up battery installation date.

If the device has valid time and date values (from the provider network or NTP), the battery installation date is set automatically if the following conditions are met:

        • the device has received a valid certificate from 2N® Elevator Center and connects to 2N® Elevator Center,
        • any phone call or modem connection has been established,
        • SIP registration has been successful,
        • attempt to log in the user to the web interface has been made.
  • Battery Lifespan – set the service lives for ther batteries. The default value is 730 days, i.e. 2 years.
  • Power Source – information on the possible power supply.
  • Status – current battery state.
  • Voltage – current battery voltage.
  • Charging Current – charging current value if the power supply adapter is used. 
  • Charging up – current consumption during operation of the device.
  • Replacement Time – remaining time before battery replacement.


  • Only rechargeable batteries can be used. The package includes 4 NiMH type AA, 1.2 V / 2000 mAh batteries.