The Search function in the Devices menu works as a fulltext search in names and phone numbers. It searches for all matches in the whole directory. Press the button above the table to add a Device. Or, search a device in the LAN and then add the device as a new contact to the Directory. The icon displays the user settings details. The icon helps remove a device from the list deleting all its data. You can arrange the list according to the name or phone number ( feature icon of the device that is allowed to be displayed, feature icon of the device that is allowed to receive incoming calls, feature icon of the device to which an alarm call will be set up after the doorbell button is pressed). One list page can display 15, 25 or 50 devices.

Basic Settings

Each device list item includes the following data in the Basic settings block:

Device Name – enter the device name for the selected Phone Book position. This parameter is optional and helps you find items in the Phone Book more easily.

Displayed Icon – display the reception desk symbol or a standard symbol.

Device Type – set this parameter manually or automatically using search for registered devices in the Device list.

Phone Number – enter the phone number of the station to which the call shall be routed. Enter "sip:\[user_id@\]domain\[:port\]", e.g.: "sip:200@" or "sip:name@yourcompany" for the so-called direct SIP calling. Enter device:device_name for calls to the 2N® IP Mobile application. Set the device name in the mobile application. Enter /1 or /2 behind the phone number to specify which SIP account shall be used for outgoing calls (account 1 or 2). Enter /S or /N to force an encrypted or unencrypted call respectively. The account and encryption selections can be combined into the suffix /1S, for example.

Press the button to set the phone number details.

Phone Number Setting

    • Call Type – set the scheme in the called destination URI. If you choose Without scheme, the URI is completed with the data from the SIP account settings. Further settings include direct SIP calls (sip:), 2N local calls (device:), Crestron calls (rava:) or calls with video management systems, e.g. AXIS Camera Station (vms:).
    • Destination – Set the other parts of the called destination URI. As a rule, it contains the number, IP address, domain, port or device identifier. Enter an asterisk "*" for calls to the VMS.
    • Preferred SIP Account – SIP account 1 or 2 is primarily used for calling.
    • Call Encryption – set mandatory call encryption or no encryption.
    • Door Opening – via callbacks.

Individual Ringtone – set an individual ringtone for specific contacts to distinguish them better.

Alarm Call

Start Call with Doorbell Button Press – a phone call to this device will be set up after the alarm call button is pressed. Set the doorbell alarm call function in HW > Digital inputs > Doorbell button.

Unlock Button Function

Unlock Code – It is used for remote unlocking of the entrance door, for example. Make sure that the code includes at least two door unlocking characters via the intercom keypad and at least one door unlocking DTMF character via a phone. The supported characters also include * or #. Four characters at least are recommended.