4. Signalling of Operational Statuses

2N access control units generates sounds to signal changes and switching of operational statuses. Each status change is assigned a different type of tone. See the table below for the list of signals:


  • Signalling of some of the above mentioned statuses can be modified; refer to the User Sounds subsection.



Internal application launched
The internal application of the device is launched upon the power up or restart. A successful launch is signaled by this tone combination.

Connected to LAN, IP address received
The device logs in upon the internal application launch. A successful LAN login is signalled by this tone combination.

Disconnected from LAN, IP address lost
This tone combination signals UTP cable disconnection from the device.

Default reset of network parameters
Upon power up, a 30 s timeout is set for the default reset code entering. Refer to the Installation Manual for details.