BARIX units with 2N® IP Audio Manager - streaming audio

2N® IP Audio Control Panel setting

  • in menu Destinations & Zones go to bookmark All Destinations 
  • Here you can create RTP destination: use right mouse click button (flow menu) in the field, where are displayed 2N® Net Audio Decoder units or in left menu click on Create RTP destination.
  • after creating RTP destination you can edit its propertiesAudio codec, IP address, Port, TTL parameter keep it in default (-1), or according your network setting you can change the value

  • Create the Session with some source e.g. playlist and in the field Destinations add your created RTP destination 1

This is all what you need to setup in 2N® IP Audio Control Panel

BARIX unit setting

  • log in to the unit web interface
  • go to menu CONFIGURATION
  • go to Advanced Settings
    • choose Streaming
    • setup RTP mode ON
    • setup Recieve Audio from IP: Port according your setting in RTP destination which you have created in 2N® IP Audio Control Panel

  • check the Audio setting: uLaw / 8 kHz (G.711)

Now you can receive on BARIX unit an audio stream from 2N® IP Audio Manager. Do not forget that you can use BARIX unit also as a source of RTP stream. This depends on the type of BARIX unit which you use.