Audio - I am not satisfied with Audio quality

2N® Analog Intercom door communicator has implemented a Half duplex hands free algorithm which is tuned for the most common installations.

If you have a specific installation (noisy background, etc ... ), please try following:

  1. See audio parameters from 931 to 938 and try to set different values with your best meaning (see manual page 34)
  2. Ground the unit. In case of Force and Safety is mandatory to have it grounded for correct handsfree function. 
  3. In case it does not help, send the record of the communication on analog line to technical support (could be possible with help of recording device order no. 18025801). 

 In case of noisy background, please set PIN for microphone sensibility, which is placed:

a) Vario PIN: number 8, connect last position to enable mic sensitivity:

b) analog Force and Safety connector X4 switch the attenuator position. 

c) analog UNI intercom: connector switch marked the attenuator position.