Language mutation - How to create own language mutation for 2N IP Intercoms

Is is possible to create your own language mutation for 2N IP Intercoms since firmware v2.8 and higher.

  1. Go to the Menu Services->Web server->User localization and download the original language file as shown in the picture below:

2. Download the original file containing all the user interface texts in English. The file format is XML; The name of the file is "rs_en"

3. Open this file in a text editor, for example Notepad. While translating, modify the value of <s> elements only. Do not modify the id values. The language name specified by the language attribute of the <strings> element will be available in the selections of the Web interface language parameter. The abbreviation of the language name specified by the languageshort attribute of the <strings> element will be included in the language list in the right-hand upper corner of the window and will be used for a quick language switching.

4. Below you can find an example which part of the text you can change:

5. After you finish the translation save the file in .xml format again. You can change the name of the file. Our recommendation is to save the file in format rs_XYZ.xml

6. Upload the file into the 2N IP Intercom: