I can't add device to my My2N account / move devices to a different account

There are two reasons why you are not able to add the device to the My2N portal, the serial might be invalid or the device has been already added somewhere else.

The SN does not exist

Please check for typos; the serial number can be found on the back of most units, inside the web interface and on the CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP (included in the box of our units).

The device is already added

If the device is already added elsewhere, you must first delete it from the old My2N account to add it to yours.

If you do not have access to the old My2N account, please follow the manual below.

  1. open the section Auto Provisioning
  2. Generate a new security code
  3. proceed to the section Maintenance 
  4. if you would like to keep the configuration, now is the time to make a backup
  5. proceed to factory reset the device (do not forget to reset the Network Settings and Certificates)
  6. if needed upload the configuration back (exclude the Network Settings and Certificates)
  7. now add the device to your My2N account