Installation 2N® SmartCom Server


on website download 2N® SmartCom Server, 2N® SmartCom Control Panel and 2N® SmartCom Terminal config

2N® SmartCom Server

Install 2N®SmartCom Server like administrator

For easy installation is Wizard setup

  • if you want install 2N®SmartCom Server click next

  • choose folder for 2N®SmartCom Server installation
  • Default path C:\Program Files\2N TELEKOMUNIKACE\2N SmartCOM\SC Server

  • 2N®SmartCom Server needs open these ports Listen port, HTTP port, AT port (default 1561,8080,1562)

  •  for start installation 2N®SmartCom Serveru click Install

  • finish installation and launch 2N®SmartCom Server

  • You can check status 2N® SmartCom Server by 2N®SmartCom license tool

Linux - 2N® SmartCom Server

if you are interested in linux version of 2N® SmartCom Server, please contact 2N®

2N® SmartCom Server needs Debian 32 bit system.

Follow these steps for 2N® SmartCom Server installation (need root rights for installation)

  • Save and unpack the package to folder /opt/smartcom

  • Copy startup script /otp/smartcom/etc/init.d/sc-server into /etc/init.d

  • open terminal and run 2N® SmartCom Server - use command /etc/init.d/sc-server start
    (need root rights)

2N® SmartCom Control Panel - Windows klient

The 2N® SmartCom Control Panel provides a comfortable administration of terminals and users/user groups and assigns users relevant communication and administration rights. Also, it can create virtual TCPs and serial ports and connect terminals to them. 

Install  2N® SmartCom Control Panel like administrator:

For easy installation is Wizard setup

  • Click next for start

  • choose folder for installation 2N®SmartCom Server
  • defaulth path C:\Program Files\2N TELEKOMUNIKACE\2N SmartCOM\SC ControlPanel

  • Choose who can use software

  • activate installation by click on Install

  • finish installation

Default login adn password is Admin 2n and port 1561

Detailed information about 2N® SmartCom Control Panel you can finf in manual in section 7