How to read data from 2N®SmartCOM (PRO) memory?

AMS (Autonomous Metering System) – protocol M-Bus
AMS (Autonomous Metering System) - protocol IEC 62056-21

Readout data from 2N®SmartCOM (PRO):


^SCDATA: "MESS_CNT"                        - number of saved messages in memory

^SCDATA: "GET_SPACE"                      - available memory in bytes

^SCDATA: "GET_OLDEST"                    - listing of oldest message

^SCDATA: "GET_FILTERED","0-150"      - listing messages by applied filter

^SCDATA: "DEL_OLDEST"                    - delete oldest message

^SCDATA: "DEL_ALL"                           - delete all saved messages


Command "get_oldest"

at^scdata="get_oldest"                         - listing oldest message

at^scdata="get_oldest", X                     - listing X oldest messages



<type of record> - type of record - AMS (Autonomous Metering System) or WMBUS (Wireless M-BUS)

<time_stamp> - time mark (32-bit Unix timestamp)

<sequential_number> - sequential number of saved record (increasing +1)

<protocol> - name of protocol (IEC62056-21", "MBUS", "AIN_DIN", "Unknown")

<index> - index of device from table of devices

<error_code> - number 0 = without error

<device_identification> - only used for IEC 62056-21 (not used in M-Bus and "AIN_DIN")

<data> - raw data



^SCDATA: "AMS",1449585962,4,"MBUS",1,0,"","685E5E680800726817030865329906AF0000000C13022000000B22746404046D0511E81C326C00000C786817030806FD0C0A000100FA010DFD0B05313248465701FD0E004C1374180000426CDF1C0F37FD170000000000000000027A2502027825021F16"

^SCDATA: "WMBUS",1449586020,5,-68,20,"44B409466316140A077A9B0800000C1305000000"

Command "del_oldest"

at^scdata="get_oldest"            - delete oldest message

at^scdata="get_oldest"            - delete X oldest messages

at^scdata="del_all"                  - delete all saved messages

Command "get_filtered"

Commnad for filtering saved messages. It is possible to use up to 10 conditions in one "get_filtered" command


General format for <filter> is <condition>;.......;<condition>

Answer is listed only when all conditions are passed

General format for <condition> is> <parameter><relation><value><parameter>

Available <parameters>:

RECORD_TYPE - Type of record - AMS or WMBUS

TIME - timestamp in unix format - "32-bit Unix timestamp"

TABLE_ID - index of the device in the table

ERROR_CODE - error code

Available <relation>:

== - is equal

!= - not equal

> - greather then

>= - greather then or equal

< - is less then

<= - is less then or equal

Available <value>:

text string or value


listing of all Wireless M-BUS messages in memory


listing of all AMS messages with timestamp from 1388665085 till 1388668685 including


listing of all AMS messages, which were receive from device 1 and have timestamp newer than 1388665085


listing of all messiges without error (error code is 0)


listing of all AMS messages without error (error code is 0) and and have timestamp newer than 1388668685



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