Connection via Putty - How can I connect using Putty?

Putty.exe is a freeware which you can easily download from the internet.

For connection over serial cable:

  1. click on checkbox "Serial"
  2. set up COM port, to which is the gateway connected. If you do not know to which COM port is the gateway connected, you can check:
  3. right click on "My computer" -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Ports (COM a LPT)
  4. Setup Speed 57600
  5. in left menu Logging -> check "All session output" -> "Log file name:" choose file to which the entire text will be saved
  6. Click "Open"

Now type to the terminal command:"AT" (without quotation mark) to see if serial communication is established. CPU should answer "OK"

For connection over telnet:

The procedure is the same. Only click to Telnet and fill in the IP address of the CPU