Database backup - How to backup the database and how to capture a trace 2N® NetStar

How to get the database

  1. Go to Netstar Administrator and connect to Netstar in Off-line mode.
  2. Click "Connect" icon.
  3. Load the database from Netstar by clicking "Load from PBX".
  4. After the database is loaded, disconnect from the NS.
  5. Go to Wizards -> Database export.
  6. When the below window pops up, click "Yes" and choose a folder to which you want to save your database.

    How to capture/download Trace

    1. Connect to the Netstar in On-line mode and 
    2. Move to "Trace" tab
    3. Right click in the blank space
    4. Choose Filter
    5. Tick the checkbox for CC_MESS and CCR_MESS and hit "Use Filter"
    6. Click the right mouse button to desktop and from the shown menu choose "Clear log".
    7. Now make a call and catch the problematic situation to the trace.
    8. If all necessary information is recorded, move to Trace -> Save trace to file and choose destination to which you want to save the file.