Factory reset - How to make a factory reset SG EN

If you need to setup your device to the factory values, please proceed following instructions. This action is irreversible. The factory values and credentials are listed at the end of this document.

Factory reset via web interface:

  • Go to the section Management
  • In the right column, click on the Configuration reset
  • Select parameters which will be set to default values

  • Save settings

Reset to factory settings using a jumper:

  • DEF - used for CPU default reset

Reset to factory settings using a button (if equipped):


Follow the instructions below to set the default values for the CPU:

  • Press and hold RESET button
  • Wait until only green LED (PWR) is lit

Now the factory settings are restored on the CPU.

Default settings:

IP address of basic CPU –

IP mask of basic CPU –

IP address of gateway –

IP address of VoIP board –

IP mask of VoIP board – Same as basic CPU configuration

Username/Password of basic CPU – Admin/2n

Username/Password of ERM – Admin/2n

Transmission rate RS232 of CPU – 57600bps