3.2 Function Licensing

Why are some features licensed?

Because we did not want every single customer who purchases our intercom, to pay for all the advanced features we offer. We believe that most applications can do with basic level, so the users do not need to pay for features they do not use.

Which features are licensed and what license types are there?

Some 2N IP intercom functions are unavailable until a valid license key is entered (refer to the License subsection). The following types of licenses are available:

  • Enhanced Audio (Part No. 9137905)
  • Enhanced Video (Part No. 9137906)
  • Enhanced Integration (Part No. 9137907)
  • Enhanced Security (Part No. 9137908)
  • Gold (Part No. 9137909)
  • InformaCast (Part No. 9137910, Axis Part No. 01381-001)
  • NFC (Part No. 9137915)
  • IP intercoms Lift module license (Part No. 9137916)

The InformaCast license allows the SingleWire InformaCast protocol to be used.


  • The licenses are not available for the US, Latin America and Canada.


  • Codec G.729 can be used without a license key in SW versions 2.25 and higher.

2N® IP Style, Verso
, Base, Solo, Vario, Force, Safety and Audio Kit with Video Kit support this license scheme. It is up to the user to decide which license to use: the 
Enhanced Video license, for example, is only meaningful for the 2N IP intercoms equipped with a camera or the cameraless 2N IP intercoms that support external cameras activated by this particular license. 2N® IP Audio Kit does not support any external camera connection, but allows you to activate the RTSP server for audiostream. 2N® IP Vario with display already comes with preloaded Gold license, so the only possible upgrade is InformaCast and IP intercoms Lift module license.

The NFC license enables authentication via NFC-equipped mobile phones for selected 13 MHz RFID card reader models.

No licensed features are available for the 2N® IP Uni.


The table below includes the functions that need to be activated by the license keys corresponding to the above mentioned licenses. The licenses can be combined arbitrarily.











InformaCastIP intercoms Lift module license



User sounds

Automatic audio test

Noise detection

Audio/video streaming (RTSP Server)

External IP camera support

ONVIF support

PTZ function support

Motion detection support

Extended switch setting options

HTTP API (see note below)

Automation functions

E-mail sending 
(SMTP Client)

Automatic update (TFTP/HTTP Client)

FTP client

SNMP client


802.1x support

SIPS (TLS) support

SRTP support

Silent Alarm

Limit unsuccessful access attempts

Switch Blocking

Scrambled keypad

NFC support

InformaCast support


Genetec Synergis

Lift Control


What other products follow this license scheme?

2N® SIP Audio Converter, 2N® SIP Speaker and 2N® SIP Speaker Horn, which already come with preloaded Gold license, so the only possible upgrades is InformaCast.

2N Access Unit, which already comes with preloaded Security and Integration licenses, so the only upgrade is NFC license. Other licenses are not applicable to 2N Access Unit. Please note that the NFC license has a different ordering number for 2N Access Unit: 916012. 


  •  Full HTTP API function is available with the Gold or Enhanced Integration license only. Only Camera API and Logging API are available without this license.


  • Extended switch setting options – quick dial button switch activation, switch time profile, HTTP commands.

How do I get the license?

Licenses are generated by 2N according to the particular serial number. After you decide which license you want, you need to get the serial number of your unit and contact your distributor for the license key.

The license itself comes as a key, alphanumeric string, so it can be easily sent via email and copied and pasted into the intercom.

Licenses are not limited in time. Once you have a license, you have it for good.

In order to activate the license, you need to log in to the intercom web interface and paste the license key into the System / License field. When you click Save, the licensed features are immediately activated.

Licenses can be downloaded automatically in the System / License menu.

Can I have a demo license?

Yes, there is an option for an 800-hour trial Gold license period during which you can try the licensed features. By default, this demo is disabled – enable it via the web interface of the particular intercom in the System / License menu. There is a countdown timer showing the remaining time after which all the licensed features will be disabled again.

There is no trial for InformaCast licenses.