5.1 Status

The Status menu provides clear status and other essential information on the intercom. The menu is divided into five tabs: DeviceServicesLicense, Access Log, Call Log and Events.


The Device tab displays basic information on the intercom model, its features, firmware and bootloader versions and so on.

  • Factory Certificate Installed – specify the user cerificate and private key to be used for verifying the intercom authorisation to communicate with the third party device server.
  • Locate Device – optical and acoustic signalling of a device. Optical signalling is possible only if the device is equipped with control backlight (2N® IP Style, 2N® IP Verso2N® IP Solo2N® IP Base2N® IP Vario2N® IP Force2N® IP Safety a 2N® IP Uni). If a speaker is not integrated in the device, make sure than an external speaker is connected (2N® IP Audio Kit and 2N® IP Video Kit) to use sound signalling.


The Services tab displays the status of the network interface and selected services.


The License tab displays the list of licensed functions of the intercom including their current availability (on the basis of a valid license key entered in the System | License menu).

Access Log

The Access Log tab displays the last 10 records on applied cards. Each record includes the card tapping time, card ID and type and description details (validity, card owner, etc.).


Call Log

The call log provides a list of all accomplished calls. Each call includes the contact type, called/calling user ID, call date and time, call duration and status (incoming, outgoing, missed, picked up elsewhere, doorbell button). Use the search box for fulltext search in the call name. Use the check box for selecting all records for bulk deletion. The selected call record can also be deleted individually using a button . The list includes the last 20 records that are arranged from the latest call to the oldest one.


The Events tab displays the last 500 logged events. Every event contains time and date, event type and description specifying the event. The events can be filtered by type in a dropdown menu, above the event log.

  •  – press the button to export all recorded events to a CSV file.
AccessLimitedEvent generated after 5 unsuccessful user authentication atttempts (card, code, fingerprint). The access module gets blocked for 30 seconds even if the subsequent authetication is correct.
AccessTakenCard tapping in Anti-passback area.
AudioLoopTestGenerated after the audio test indicating the test result.
CallSessionStateChangedEvent describing the call direction/state, address, session number and call sequence number.
CallStateChangedIndicates the call direction (incoming, outgoing) and opponent / SIP account identification at a call state change (ringing, connected, terminated).
CapabilitiesChangedIndicates a change in the list of available functions.
CardHeldIndicates that an RFID card has been held for more than 4s.
CardEnteredIndicates that an RFID card has been tapped.
CodeEnteredGenerated whenever a code ending with * is entered via the numeric keyboard.
DeviceStateDevice state indication, startup of the device, for example.
DisplayTouchedGenerated whenever the display is showing uploaded image or video using /api/display/image and is touched.
DirectoryChangedChange in the directory.
DirectorySavedChange saved in the directory.
DoorOpenTooLongDetection of a too-long opened door, settings in Hardware / Door / Door.
DoorStateChangedDoor open/closed state detection. Settings can be made in Hardware / Door / Door.
DtmfPressedDTMF code pressing during a call.
DtmfEnteredDTMF code receiving during a call.
FingerEnteredFingerprint authorisation.
FingerEnrollStateFinger enrolment on a reader for fingerprint loading.
HardwareChangedChange of extending module connection.
InputChangedSignals a state change of the logic input.
KeyPressedGenerated whenever a button is pressed (numeric keypad digits are 0,1,2...,9 and quickdial buttons are %1,%2 ...).
KeyReleasedGenerated whenever a button is released (numeric keypad digits are 0,1,2...,9 and quickdial buttons are %1,%2 ...).
LiftConfigChangedIndicates a lift configuration change.
LiftFloorsEnabledFloor access via lift enabled.
LiftStatusChangedDetection of Lift Control module connection/disconnection.
LoginBlockedEvent generated after 3 wrong logins to the web interface. Contains information about IP address.
MobKeyEnteredBluetooth authorisation.
MotionDetectedGenerated after motion detection, settings can be made in Hardware / Camera / Internal Camera.
NoiseDetectedGenerated after noise detection, settings in Hardware / Audio.
OutputChangedSignals a state change of the logic output.
PairingStateChangedChange of Bluetooth pairing states: Inactive, Paired, Waiting for pairing.
RegistrationStateChangedChange of the SIP Proxy registration state.
RexActivatedEvent at input activation set for the REX button.
SilentAlarmSilent alarm event generated whenever a code higher by one than the correct one is entered. With access code 123, the silent alarm code is 124. Or, whenever a finger is placed on the fingerprint reader module designated for silent alarm activation.
SwitchesBlockedSwitches blocked by an invalid access attempt.
SwitchOperationChangedSwitch function change (indicates the locked and held states), settings in Hardware / Switches.
SwitchStateChangedChange of the switch state, settings in Hardware / Switches.
TamperSwitchActivatedSignals tamper switch activation - device cover opening. Make sure that the tamper switch function is configured in the Digital Inputs | Tamper Switch menu.
UnauthorizedDoorOpenUnauthorized door opening indication, settings in Hardware / Door / Door.
UserAuthenticatedSignals user authentication and subsequent door opening.
UserRejectedUser rejection.
VirtualInputVirtual input change.
VirtualOutputVirtual output change.
CallSessionStateChangedInforms of the current call phase (initialized, connecting, ringing, connected, terminated).