2.2 Request Parameters

Practically all the HTTP API functions can have parameters. The parameters (switch, action, width, height, blob-image, etc.) are included in the description of the selected HTTP API function. The parameters can be transferred in three ways or their combinations:

  1. in the request path (uri query, GETPOSTPUT and DELETE methods);
  2. in the message content (application/x-www-form-urlencoded, POST and PUT methods);
  3. in the message content (multipart/form-data, POST and PUT methods) – RFC-1867.

If the transfer methods are combined, a parameter may occur more times in the request. In that case, the last incidence is preferred. 

There are two types of the HTTP API parameters:

  1. Simple value parameters (switch, action, etc.) can be transferred using any of the above listed methods and do not contain the blob- prefix.
  2. Large data parameters (configuration, firmware, images, etc.) always start with blob- and can only be transferred via the last-named method (multipart/form-data).