2. HTTP API Description

All HTTP API commands are sent via HTTP/HTTPS to the intercom address with absolute path completed with the /api prefix. Which protocol you choose depends on the current intercom settings in the Services / HTTP API section. The HTTP API functions are assigned to services with defined security levels including the TLS connection request (i.e. HTTPS).

Example: Switch 1 activation

The absolute path includes the function group name (system, firmware, config, switch, etc.) and the function name (caps, status, ctrl, etc.). 
To be accepted by the intercom, a request has to include the method and absolute path specification followed by the Host header.


GET /api/system/info HTTP/1.1 
Intercom HTTP Server reply:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: HIP2.
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 253
  "success" : true,
  "result" : {
    "variant" : "2N IP Vario",
    "serialNumber" : "08-1860-0035",
    "hwVersion" : "535v1",
    "swVersion" : "",
    "buildType" : "beta",
    "deviceName" : "2N IP Vario"

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