Cisco UC 320W



Version 2

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Designed to support organizations with up to 24 employees, the UC320W offers business-class calling and messaging with full key system and small private branch exchange (PBX) features. The system is flexible enough to support a wide choice of Cisco SPA Series IP phones, and includes integrated wireless networking. The UC320W was designed with the small business owner in mind, providing all the features you need.

With the UC320W, you can lower your communications expenses, improve employee productivity, and respond to customers better. The system is also designed to easily grow with your business.

Version 2

Tested with

Cisco UC 320W
2N IP Intercom
Secure RTP (SRTP)

(tick)(green star)Un-Tested


2N® IP UNI must be added as a SIP trunk, because UC 320W does not support third party IP phones. We recommend you to use a static IP address for 2N® IP UNI.

Device properties:

  • 2N® IP UNI ( IP address, incoming port 5060
  • UC 320W (2.1.4): IP address data, voice, incoming port 5061

Network Settings

Choose an IP address not assigned by the UC 320W DHCP server. The DHCP server server settings can be found in the Network / LAN menu.

SIP Settings

User ID and Auth ID can be chosen according to your will. 2N® IP UNI accepts all incoming calls from the SIP trunk. The Proxy port must be set to the value from the UC 320W SIP trunk – it can be found in the Ports and Trunks / SIP/BRI Trunks menu in the Local SIP Port parameter.

Phone Book

Switch Settings

Miscellaneous Settings

Set the Legacy lock code to Yes in order to use the first lock code without confirming by a star key.

 Internal Dialling Settings

SIP Trunk Settings

SIP registration is not required, but can be helpful in configuration troubleshooting. 2N® IP UNI will acknowedge any registration. You can use, for example, “hip” as an account ID, authentication ID and password.

Outbound Trunks Settings

Inbound Calls Settings

Network Topology Settings

DHCP Settings

 Call from 2N® IP UNI to a telephone – press the button on 2N® IP UNI.

Call from a telephone to 2N® IP UNI – dial 500.

Open the door – press 00 during the call.

Used Symbols

(tick) - Verified with video

(green star) - Verified with audio only

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible