IndigoCare iCall 290 SIP-Touch NS



Version PS_i25_1.9.1.0

Used Symbols


Linux based, Full IP address unit with interactive resistive touch-display with call, presence, emergency (Code blue), assistance and cancellation buttons, iButton-reader for nurse  identification/ presence and full-duplex speech (VoIP). Communication with Netrix message server. 24/7 supervised. Includes integrated FTP-server, reassurance & finding LED and buzzer. Is remotely and individually programmable via browser.
Power supply via Power Input, Power Injection and/or POE.

Version PS_i25_1.9.1.0

 iCall 290 SIP-Touch NS

2N IP Intercom


Streaming Settings

In the menu SERVICES/Streaming/RTSP verify:

RTSP Server Enabled (check)

Video Stream Enabled (check)

Video Codec (MPEG-4 part2)

MPEG4 Video Parameters

                Video Resolution (QCIF (176x144))

                Video Framerate (10fps)

Video Bitrate (64kbps)

HTTP API Settings

In the menu Services/HTTP API/Services verify: Camera API (check) (Unsecure (TCP)) (none)

Streaming Settings

In the menu Streaming:

Filll the “Camera” field with name of the desired 2N IP Intercom

Fill the “IP“ field the HIP_IP_adrr/mpeg4_stream

Fill the "SIP Extension" field with the SIP extension of 2N IP Intercom if it is needed

Required licenses

  • Enhanced Integration for HTTP API access, Enhanced Video for RTSP streaming

Used Symbols

(tick) - Interoperable

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible