About company

TELETASK was founded in 1984 and guarantees high quality and reliable home automation solutions. We are a pioneer in the home automation landscape of residential and professional buildings and became one of the largest manufacturers for it.  The products have a timeless and unique design with a high range of features and a top quality level. TELETASK has become a solid partner with second-to-none experience since more than 35 years, in 40 countries worldwide.

Supported features

  • Video calls from intercom to OPUS panel
  • Peer-to-peer SIP calls
  • Video calls via SIP Server, Tested: UNIFY Openscape bussines
  • Door lock control

Supported version

Teletask panel2N IP intercom versionSIP video callsSwitch control (door lock only)
TDS12070 OPUS 7ā€ touch screen2.25 and higher


SETUP: Devices were connected to the local test network via a POE switch that was grounded. The OPUS was also connected to the same network in a different room.