Advancis is a global leader in the PSIM industry with offices and certified integration partners around the world. The company based close to Frankfurt/Germany was founded in 1994 with the goal of developing a command & control management platform to unify disparate security systems and to provide real time incident handling for security control rooms.

Tested Features

  • Control panel to handle incoming and outgoing calls
  • Intercom device: Display connection state (e.g. calling); Call intercom, Hang up, Send instant message, Accept call, Decline call,
  • Door control -  Send DTMF tones during active call connections
  • External: Display connection state (e.g. calling); Hang up, Accept call, Decline call
  • Internal: Display faults; Call, Hang up, Accept call

Supported versions

WinGuard2N IP intercom versionSIP callsSwitch control
WinGuard X42.27 and higher


WinGuard Manual to be provided by Advancis. WinGuard SIP Client interface license needed.