Version 2020-06-04

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With the CyberGate Application Server you can now connect 2N video door intercoms to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams users can answer incoming intercom calls – with 2-way audio and live video – on the Teams desktop client, Teams desk phone or Teams Smartphone app and open the door for visitors.

CyberGate – SIP to Teams is now live on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace you can find more information:

Version 2022-11-01

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Call Completed Elsewhere
Secure RTP (SRTP)




Navigate to you account at
In Tenant settings add your Public IP address of your IP Intercom (if you are setting it in the same network, you can find the IP address by google request: “what is my ip” which will return your public IP address)

  • To check that the settings are correct, download and run the communication script downloadable from tenant settings

  • This is a PowerShell script which might be blocked by windows by default. To unblock it, run windows PowerShell and type command where [FileLocation] is the path to the file on your system:
    • "Unblock-File .\[FileLocation]\CommunicationTestScript.ps1"
  • After the file has been unblocked, simply run it by command:
    • “.\[FileLocation]\CommunicationTestScript.ps1"
  • Once these settings were confirmed, navigate to Device settings in and create a new device
    • When creating the device, make sure to allow teams calls checkbox
    • After device creation, username and password are generated for the device

  • After new device is created, it has to be set up with the teams account using the FeatureConfiguration script downloadable from the Device settings section similarly to the communication test script above:
    • Run PowerShell
    • Run command "Unblock-File .\[FileLocation]\FeatureConfiguration.ps1"
    • After the file has been unblocked, run it by command: ".\[FileLocation]\FeatureConfiguration.ps1"

In case you could not set up a call, make sure that Secure-only policy is disabled in Tenant Settings at

This guide describes basic steps for configuration of connection between 2N IP Intercom and Microsoft Teams via CyberGate gateway.

SIP configuration

The SIP credentials are provided by CyberTwice. In the Advanced Settings change SIP Transport Protocol to TCP and optionally, according to your network set up configure External IP Address and your network routing.

Video Quality Configuration

Video codec H.264 is required. All resolutions are supported, however the video is visible more quickly on the Teams side with lower resolutions.

User configuration

The dialed number is provided by CyberTwice, the format is sip:<username><5060 or 5061>, e.g.

Button configuration

Assign the configured user to the button.

Incoming call is notified by a pop up window.

When the call is answered, two way voice call with video from the intercom is established.

During the call, the door can be unlocked by entering the code on a keypad.

Used Symbols

(tick) - Verified with video

(warning) - Work with limitation

N/S - Not supported

(error) - Incompatible