1. Product Overview

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Basic Features

2N® IP Audio Kit is a universal and reliable IP intercom module designed for integration in the third parties' equipment. It is provided with a number of useful functions that are not quite common in the devices of this category. Featuring the SIP standard support and compatibility with renowned IP exchange and telephone manufacturers, 2N® IP Audio Kit can make use of all VoIP services available on the market.

2N® IP Audio Kit is equipped with a 10 W power amplifier for external loudspeaker connection. If the power output of amplifier is insufficient for your specific application, you can connect an external power amplifier to the line output. You can also connect an external electret microphone or another audio signal source to the IP intercom line output.

2N® IP Audio Kit allows up to 16 separate buttons or a 16-button matrix keypad to be connected. Set the button function flexibly according to your specific application needs. You can set up to three telephone numbers and call time profiles to each of the buttons to make the called subscriber accessible any time. Configure the buttons as a numerical keypad, which can be used as a switch activation code lock or for dialling a preset or any other telephone number.

2N® IP Audio Kit is equipped with one relay output and two active 12 V outputs. Use the numerical keypad or, during the call, any telephone to control these outputs. A wide range of output mode settings help you make use of a high number of applications.

2N® IP Audio Kit is equipped with two galvanically isolated digital inputs and three status signalling outputs.

2N® IP Audio Kit is very easy to install. All you have to do is connect it to your LAN using the LAN cable. An integrated two-port LAN switch simplifies installation on sites with a limited LAN infrastructure. Supply the intercom either from a 9–36 V source or directly from your PoE supporting LAN. 

Use a PC web browser to configure your 2N® IP Audio Kit. Apply the 
2N® Access Commander to administer extensive intercom installations easily and quickly.

Advantages of Use

  • Industrial design and variable mounting options
  • Wide supply power range + PoE supply
  • Integrated 10 W power amplifier
  • External amplifier connection
  • External microphone/audio signal source connection
  • Galvanically isolated relay output
  • Two controlled active 12 V outputs
  • Two galvanically isolated logic inputs
  • Up to 3 signalling LED outputs
  • Up to 16 external buttons/matrix keypad connection
  • Integrated two-port LAN switch
  • Bidirectional communication – acoustic echo cancelling
  • Configuration via web interface/special PC application
  • SIP 2.0 support
  • HTTP(S) server for configuration
  • SNTP client for server time synchronisation 
  • RTSP server for audio streaming
  • TFTP client for automatic configuration and firmware update