3.1 Configuration

Configuration takes place typically via a web interface. Alternatively, configuration is possible using the 2N® Access Commander software or the My2N service.

Configure 2N® IP Style using your PC equipped with any Internet browser:

  • Launch your Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.).
  • Enter the IP address of your intercom (, e.g.).
  • Log in using the username Admin and password 2n.

You have to know the IP address of your device to log in to the integrated web server. Upon purchase, 2N® IP Style is set to the dynamic IP address mode – it retrieves the IP address automatically if there is a properly configured DHCP server in the LAN. If no DHCP is available, 2N® IP Style can be operated in the static IP address mode. Refer to the Configuration Manual for 2N IP Intercoms for the 2N® IP Style configuration details.

If your device remains inaccessible (you have forgotten the IP address or the LAN configuration has changed, for example), change the LAN settings using the hidden menu on the device.

IP Address Retrieval

Wait until the end of the introductory animation on the display after starting/restarting the device. The moment the home screen appears (after approx. 20 s), place your finger in the left-hand upper corner of the display for approx. 5 s.

The IP address of the device will be shown in the hidden menu. The menu contains the network mask, default gateway address and DHCP switch among others.


  • To retrieve the device IP address you can also use 2N® Network Scanner, which can be freely downloaded from www.2n.com.

If the address is, then the device did not get the IP address from the DHCP server and the static IP address (DHCP OFF) has to be used. If DHCP OFF is set, the device static address is

Device Restart

To restart the device, disconnect the device from the power supply or use the web interface in the System / Maintenance section. No configuration change appears after the restart.


  • Do not touch the display during restart, it is being calibrated.

Factory Default Reset

Located among the main unit connectors, the CONTROL button helps you reset the factory default values.

Follow the instructions below to reset the factory default values:

  • Disconnect the device from the power supply.
  • Press and hold the CONTROL button.
  • Connect the device to the power supply.
  • Keep holding the button for a few seconds and then release it.


  • If 2N® IP Style is supplied from an external power source using terminals, the factory reset is performed only if the device is disconnected from the LAN too.