2.4 Completion

  1. Remember to seal the 2N® IP Vario cable passage hole properly to avoid moisture in-leak and damage to electronics due to condensation.
  2. Make sure that the wires inside 2N® IP Vario are not squeezed and insert the plastic top cover (a transparent plastic mould) carefully making its contacts plug into the electronics board connectors. Push the plastic cover into position moderately. If the part swings over an obstacle or one corner is higher than the others, remove the cover and find the obstacle. Then tighten the corner screws properly.
  3. Mounting the metal sheet cover follow the steps included in the subsection dedicated to name plate removal. Make sure that the cover fits well and is perfectly flat. If its bottom part is loose, the mounting wall is probably uneven. Support the corners to avoid 2N® IP Vario bending.


  • An improper mounting may significantly deteriorate the button function.
  • A poor outdoor mounting may cause water in-leak and damage to the electronics.

Most Frequent Mounting Errors

For illustration, a part of the plastic cover is removed in the figures below to reveal the sealed loudspeaker and the cover-seal touch point. The cross section plane is marked white for better orientation.