This subsection describes the administrator security settings.


  • Setting password – set the access password type for the Settings:
    • None – no access password is required.
    • Password – set a password containing at least four letters.
    • PIN – set a code containing at least four digits.
  • Administrator and web access password – set the administrator mode and web interface access password.
    • Use separate web access password – set separate passwords for the administrator mode and device web interface.
    • Administrator password – set the administrator access password.
    • Web access password – set the web interface access password. 


  • Screen lock – set the screen lock password type. The screen lock is activated after the sleep mode timeout set in the Device / Screen / Sleep mode menu elapses.
    • None – no screen lock.
    • Pattern – set the screen lock deactivation gesture.
    • PIN – set the numeric PIN for screen lock deactivation.


  • Allow application installation from unknown sources – allow installation of applications from unknown sources.