Wireless & Networks

This section helps you set the network connection parameters. Connection can be set via Ethernet or Wi-Fi (depending on the Part No., refer to Subs. 1.2 Differences between Models and Associated Products). 

  • Wi-Fi – disable/enable the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Ethernet – disable/enable the Ethernet connection. 
  • Advanced network settings – display the network connection mode. 


  • Ethernet can be used together with Wi-Fi.
  • By disabling the Ethernet connection you do not switch off the device when PoE is used.

The Wi-Fi section displays the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

  • Enabled – enable/disable the adapter.
  • Use DHCP – enable/disable the DHCP client.
  • IP Address – display the IP address.
  • MAC Address – display the MAC address.
  • Configuration – configure the Ethernet manually. 

  • Connection to two networks simultaneouslydisplay the Ethernet + Wi-Fi connection state.
  • Connection typedisplay the Internet connecting network.