5.3.3 Local Settings

The tab helps you change the language, time zone and weather settings.

  • Basic settings  
    • Device name  user device ID. Shown in 2N® Network Scanner and 2N® IP Eye in the lists of LAN devices visible to other 2N devices.  
    • Language – change the language for most of the applications (Gallery, etc.). English is used by default.
  • Date and time – select the date, time and time zone. 
    • Time zone – select the time zone. GMT + 00:00 is used by default.
    • Use time from LAN – use network time or set time manually.
    • Currently displayed date and time – date and time currently displayed on the home screen.
    • Date display format – select the date display format.
    • Use 24-hour format – select either 12-hour or 24-hour format.
  • Weather – change the weather settings.
    • Location – location for the weather forecast. Keep the OpenWeatherMap.org format.
    • Save – save the set location.
    • Update – set the weather data refreshment rate: 1 hour or 2 hours.
    • Units – temperature units: Metric (°C) or Imperial (°F).
  • Source – open the data source: OpenWeatherMap.org