2.1 Product Description

2N® LiftIP is a Speakerphone on principle. It is equipped with a microphone, speaker and RJ-45 Ethernet port. Moreover, it contains power supply terminals, ALARM button, illuminated pictograms (device states according to standard requirements) and CANCEL input (optional cabin door opening signal).


Activate the ALARM button. The Wait pictogram starts shining immediately; the Connection established pictogram starts shining when communication has been established.

Universal Design

The electronics board is located between the mounting panel and the instruction-printed cover (see the figure). The total dimensions are 65 (W) × 130 (H) × 24 (D) mm. The speaker and microphone are mounted on the panel. The slide-on terminals included in the delivery are connected to the left. The small connectors in the lower part are intended for induction loops (for deaf people) and LED indicators. Illuminated pictograms/icons (even with bulbs) can easily be connected to the device. The pictograms and the ALARM button are not included in the delivery as they are lift design elements.

2N® LiftIP