2.2 Before You Start

Product Completeness Check – Universal Design

Check before installation whether the product package includes the following:

  • motherboard,

  • 4 terminals (line, ALARM, CANCEL, pictograms) slid to the left,
  • 6 jumpers (2 x 3) inserted on the jumper link for ALARM and CANCEL setting,
  • speaker and microphone (plus an additional cable microphone if required by the client),
  • Brief manual (printed),
  • Download the Service Tool from www.2n.com.

2N® LiftIP Installation Conditions

  • 2N® LiftIP is not intended for outdoor applications.
  • The product is connected to the LAN.
  • The covering against mechanical damage, water, dust and other influences must be provided by the installing company if necessary.
  • The communicator mounting surface must be perfectly flat, for details see Section 2.3 Montáž.


  • The green Ethernet port LED starts flashing on LiftIP to indicate that the LAN and power supply/PoE have been connected.
  • Once connected, LiftIP gets the IP address from the DHCP server.
  • The Service Tool is equipped with a scan function that finds the LiftIP products in the LAN.

Universal Design

  • Make sure that the lift panel is ready for 2N® LiftIP mounting.