2.1 Description

2N® MeterCom PRO consists of a board carrying a power supply connected directly to the power section of the e-power meter via contacting springs. The board is also equipped with a GSM / UMTS / ETH module responsible for continuous Internet connection and server communication via GPRS / UMTS / ETH, and two relays for output contact control. Connectors for optional devices are located in the accessible part of the 2N® MeterCom PRO device. Refer to the figures below for description. As part of the e-power meter, the plastic case is not included in the 2N® MeterCom PRO package.

2N® MeterCom PRO Description (Top View)

  1. Transparent plastic case
  2. Relay output terminal board
  3. Terminating resistor switch
  4. Wireless M-BUS antenna SMB connector
  5. E-power meter pulse output connector 
  6. RS-485 terminal board
  7. Breaker manual control button


  • Never touch the PCB while 2N® MeterCom PRO is switched on! The PCB includes a power supply and thus produces dangerous voltage of 230 / 400 V.
  • If you are a well-trained person authorised by Decree No. 50/78 Coll. to work with 2N® MeterCom PRO under voltage, be sure to use approved and tested safety working aids only.

2N® MeterCom PRO Connectors (Bottom View) 


  1. L+G e-power meter internal circuit connector

N. Contacting spring for neutral wire connection (N)

L1, 2, 3. Contacting springs for line wire connection (L)