3.3 Survey of Group Tags and Menus


IP address settings, DHCP server settings, VRRP, SNMP, Firewall settings, NATP settings, DNS proxy settings and HSPA/EDGE/GPRS 2N® OfficeRoute data settings.

User management

User groups and user (extension) management.

Telephony services

Device (SIP, H.323, DISA lines) management, Fax, GSM incoming routing settings (provider/DISA), LCR settings, SIP proxy settings.


Main configuration, Time and Time zone settings, Firmware upgrade, Licence upload, Configuration back-up/restore, SNMP settings, Reboot.


States of devices and calls, Logs for debugging/troubleshooting, CDR, Connection speedometer.


SMS delivery settings (web and SMTP/POP3), SMS sending web portal, SMS storage statistic.

This is just a basic survey of menus. For details on forms, their meanings and options see later. 

Parameters or new values can be added by clicking on the plus icon  , modified by the pencil icon  , reset by the  icon, removed by the icon with a red dart  and saved by clicking on the diskette icon  .