2.3 Electric Installation

Electric Installation Step by Step

It is very easy to connect 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted electrically. Follow the steps below to avoid equipment damage or electrical injury:

  • Connect the aditional speaker
  • Connect the UTP cable.
  • Connect a 12 V power supply (unless PoE is used).


  • Be sure to connect the 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted power supply as the last step. The same applies to PoE supply from the LAN.
  • We recommend the use of a shielded SSTP Ethernet cable.

Loudspeaker Connection

2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted is equipped with a power amplifier for 1 or 2 loudspeakers. The loudspeakers to be used must have the nominal impedance of 8 Ω each. Refer to the table below for possible configurations and related maximum power outputs (sinus, THD < 1 %):


12 V / 2 A


Two 8 Ω

2x 9 W

2x 5 W

One 8 Ω

1x 12 W

1x 10 W


  • Use an external power supply to maximise the power output. Make sure that the maximum Master volume value is +6 dB in the Hardware / Audio menu if you use PoE and 4Ω speaker.

Loudspeaker Connection

LAN Connection

2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted can be connected to a standard local area network using a LAN interface via the RJ-45 connector on the back panel. Always use CAT-5d or higher class cables for reliability reasons.


LAN Connection

The LAN interface is equipped with the Auto MDIX function for automatic straight or cross-over cable detection.

The LAN interface can also be used for the 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted power supply through active network elements or injectors meeting the IEEE 802.3af standard.


  • With PoE, the integrated amplifier power output is limited to 10 W. To utilise the maximum power output of the amplifier, feed 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted from a 12 V DC / 1.8 A external power supply.


  • We recommend the use of a LAN surge protection.
  • We recommend the use of a shielded SSTP Ethernet cable.

Power Supply Connection

2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted can be fed using active network elements or PoE injectors via the LAN interface. In case this option is unavailable, use a 12 V DC / 2 A (Part No. 914102E) power supply or another power supply on condition that you keep the nominal values included in the Mechanical and Electrical Parameters subsection.
Connect the 12 V DC power supply either to the back panel supply connector marked DC IN, or terminals marked DC IN + and DC IN –.


Power Supply Connection


  • If you use an adapter other than the recommended one, do not exceed the nominal supply voltage value of 12 V. Also make sure that the supply voltage polarity is correct. Exceeding nominal values and/or incorrect connection may lead to irreversible damage of the equipment.