2.4 Product Description

2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted is an Ethernet audio converter designed for public sound distribution. It is connected to and communicates with the SIP Proxy server via telephone calls. This guarantees compatibility with all SIP-based systems.

The main principle of the 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted operation is to convert an audio signal between the Ethernet and audio interfaces. Therefore, 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted is equipped with an integrated 2x 10 W amplifier for direct loudspeaker connection.

You can control 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted with two buttons on the front panel or using an infrared remote controller.

2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted is equipped with a digital input and output, which extend the converter options and may be helpful in special applications.

Use an integrated web interface for 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted configuration. Apply the 2N® Helios IP Network Scanner to search all the 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted units connected.

2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted Back Panels

2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted Back Panel

Connectors and Controls:

  • LAN: 10/100BASE-TX RJ-45 connector
  • Speaker: Integrated amplifier output terminals for one loudspeaker
  • RESET button
  • DC IN: 12 V DC / 2 A power supply adapter connector