3.1 Configuration

2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted is configured through an integrated administration web server. Connect 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted to the IP network and make sure that 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted is powered.

Description of 2N® IP Network Scanner

The purpose of this application is to find the dynamic IP address of 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted in the local IP network. The application can be downloaded from the 2N web sites www.2n.cz.

  1. Run the 2N® IP Network Scanner installer.
  2. The installation wizard will guide you through the installation.

    2N® IP Network Scanner Installation Wizard

  3. After installing the 2N® IP Network Scanner application, run the application using the Start menu of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  4. Upon launch, the application starts searching the LAN automatically for all 
    2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted with an assigned or statically set IP address. The devices are then listed in a table.

    2N® IP Network Scanner Window

  5. Select the 2N®  SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted to be configured. Click on it with the right-hand mouse button and select Browse... to open the web browser window, log in to 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted and start configuring as described in the Login subsection below.


In the web browser enter the IP address of 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted . Subsequently, a login screen will be displayed. The default login username and password are as follows:

  • Username: Admin
  • Password: 2n

If the login screen does not appear, an incorrect IP address was entered into the web browser or the 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted  administration web server was turned off. If you are not sure of the IP address of 2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted, use the 
2N® IP Network Scanner application as described in the Description of 
2N® IP Network Scanner subsection.

Find how to switch on the administration web server in the Administration Web Server Switch-On subsection. Please check the IP address entered, or, if applicable, check the way the IP address was obtained as described at the beginning of subsection 3.1 Configuration.

Language Selection

You can select the language using the tag menu in the right-hand upper corner as shown in Figure below.

Language Selection