1.1 Product Description

2N® EasyGate IP is designed primarily for voice transmission over VoIP (or VoLTE, GSM, UMTS) between a mobile network and a connected FXO-equipped terminal (PBX, phone, lift communicator, answering machine, etc.). When connected to the 2N® Elevator center cloud service, the gateway shows an extended functionality including remote management, auto provisioning, real-time device state monitoring and others.

Basic Functions:

  • Calling (VoIP, VoLTE, CS calls)
  • Data transmission
  • Autonomous battery operation
  • Remote management via 2N® Elevator Center
    • automatic configuration
    • bulk update
    • bulk configuration
    • sending notifications by e-mail
    • remote access
    • real-time monitoring


If you do not use the data services provided by this gateway (i.e. Elevator Center cloud or VoIP calls), we recommend that you deactivate the data services on the SIM card used.