3. Mechanical Installation

This section provides instructions for a proper installation and connection of 2N® Clip.
The device can be installed in one of the following ways:

  • onto a wall using a KU68 mounting box (not included in the package),
  • onto a wall using a metal holder,
  • into a stand.


Having unpacked 2N® Clip, remove the metal holder for installation. Use both your hands at the same time to remove it safely. A careless removal and insufficient push might lead to a locking latch damage. Hence, follow the mentioned metal holder instructions below closely!

  1. Push the locking latch in the center of the device bottom edge with your left hand in such a manner that it bends sufficiently for the metal holder removal. Do not push the locking latch from the top. You might get injured while removing the metal holder.
  2. Grasp the metal holder with your right hand and slide it downwards for removal.