Auto Provisioning


The My2N cloud platform is used for remote administration and configuration of the 2N IP devices and helps you remotely connect to the device web interface.
My2N Enabled – enable connection to My2N.

My2N Security Code

Serial Number – display the device serial number for which the My2N code is valid.
My2N Security Code – the code for adding the device to My2N.
Generate New – the active My2N Security Code will be invalidated and a new one will be generated.

Connection State

The information on the connection of the device to My2N is provided.
My2N ID – unique identifier of the company created via the My2N portal.


Use this tab to enable and configure remote device management via the TR-069 protocol. TR-069 helps you reliably configure the device parameters, update and back up configuration and/or upgrade device firmware.
The TR-069 protocol is utilized by the My2N cloud service. Make sure that TR-069 is enabled and Active profile set to My2N to make the device work with My2N properly. Only then the device will be able to log in to My2N periodically for configuration.
This function helps you connect the device to your ACS (Auto Configuration Server). In this case, the connection to My2N will be disabled in the device.
My2N / TR069 Enabled – enable the connection to My2N or another ACS.

General Settings

Active Profile – select one of the pre-defined profiles (ACS), or choose a setting of your own and configure the ACS connection manually.
Next Synchronization in – display when the device shall contact the remote ACS.
Connection Status – display the current connection to the ACS or the error state description.
Communication Status Detail – server communication error code or HTTP status code.
Connection Test – test the connection to TR069 according to the set profile, refer to Active Profile. The test result is displayed in the Connection status.