The device 2N® Clip allow you to send system messages to the Syslog server including relevant information on the device states and processes for recording, analysis and audit. It is unnecessary to configure this service for common operations.



Verify Network Address Accessibility – verify the network address accessibility via the Ping command in standard operating systems. Press Ping to display a dialogue for you to enter the IP address/domain name and press Ping to send the test data to the set address. If the IP address/domain name is invalid, a warning is displayed and the Ping button remains inactive until the IP address becomes valid. The dialogue also displays the procedure state and result. Failed means that either the IP address was unavailable within 10 s or it was impossible to translate the domain name into an address. If a valid response is received, the response sending IP address and response waiting time in milliseconds are displayed. Press Ping again to send another query to the same address.


In the Trace tab, you can launch capturing of incoming and outgoing packets on the network interface. The captured packets can be stored locally in the 4 MB buffer or remotely in the user PC.

Local Packet Capture

We recommend that you lower the video stream transmission rate below 512 kbps while capturing packets locally. When the local capture buffer is full, the oldest packets are rewritten automatically.

        1. Click the icon to start packet capturing.
        2. Click the icon to stop packet capturing.
        3. Click to save the packet capture file on a disk.

Remote Packet Capture

        1. Click .
        2. A box will open for you to set the incoming/outgoing packet capturing time (in seconds).
        3. Click OK to start capture.
        4. Select a location on the disk for the packet capture file to be saved.
        5. Click to stop capturing.


Syslog Server Settings

Send Syslog Messages – enable sending of syslog messages to the Syslog server. Make sure that the server address is valid.
Server Address – IP/MAC address of ther server on which the syslog recording application is running.
Level of Sent Messages – set the detail level for the messages to be sent (Error, Warning, Notice, Info, Debug 1–3). Debug 1–3 level setting is only recommended to facilitate troubleshooting for the Technical Support department.

Local Syslog Messages

This block provides a general overview of local Syslog messages. Local Syslog messages can be uploaded and downloaded.