This menu helps you maintain the device configuration and firmware. You can back up and restore all the parameters, upgrade firmware and/or factory reset the device.


Restore Configuration – restore configuration from a previous backup. Press the button to display a dialogue window to select a configuration file and upload it to the device. Before uploading you can choose whether or not the LAN settings and SIP PBX connection settings are to be applied from the configuration file.
Back Up Configuration – back up the current complete configuration of the device. Press the button to download the complete configuration into a storage.


As the configuration may include delicate information, such as user phone numbers and access passwords, handle the file cautiously.

Reset Configuration – reset all the device parameters except for the LAN parameters. To reset the device completely, use the jumper or press Reset.



  • The device function, reliability and security depend on the firmware version installed. A regular firmware upgrade is one of the product use conditions. Errors arisen from the use of an outdated firmware version shall not be subject to complaints. The up-to-date firmware version implements client experience and personal data security requirements.

Upgrade Firmware – upload a new firmware version into the device. Press the button to display a dialog box and select the proper firmware file. Once the firmware is uploaded, the device is restarted automatically and becomes fully operational with a new firmware version. The whole upgrading process takes less than one minute. Download the current firmware version for your device from 2N.com. FW upgrade does not affect configuration The device checks the firmware file and prevents you from uploading an incorrect or corrupt file.
Check – check online whether or not a later firmware version is available. If a new firmware version is available, a downloading option is offered followed by automatic upgrade.
Notify of Beta Versions – select this option to enable monitoring and downloading of the latest firmware beta versions.
Restart – restart the device. The process takes about 30 s. Once restart is completed and the device is assigned its IP address, the login box will be displayed automatically.
Third Party Library License – click the Show button to open a dialog box including a list of used licenses and third party libraries. It also includes a EULA link.

Usage Statistics

Send anonymous statistics data – enable sending of anonymous statistic data on device usage to the manufacturer. No such delicate information as passwords, access codes or phone numbers are included. This information helps 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. improve the software quality, reliability and performance. You can participate in this voluntarily and cancel your statistic data deliveries any time.