2.5 Mounting Completion

Mounting Completion

Check the connection of all wires and the RJ-45 plug to the pigtail (adapter) connected to the motherboard.


  • Make sure that the terminals of all the unused connectors are tightened properly to avoid sound vibrations.

Frame Mounting

Check the frame sealing before fitting the frame.

Version A

Screw the flush mounting frame in the upper and bottom parts.

Version B

Hang the wall mounting frame on the hook in the upper part and then screw it tight in the bottom part.


  • Improper mounting may deteriorate the 2N Access Unit waterproofness. Water infiltration may damage the electronic part.
  • Make sure that all the holes are filled with some waterproof material – the top part, around the cables and the screws.
  • Use silicone or some other sealant to seal the box against the wall if uneven to avoid water leakage and wall damping.

Most Frequent Mounting Errors

At first, mount the metal bolts, level the bases on an even surface and tighten the screws.


  • Make sure that the bases are levelled properly to avoid water leakage and electronic damage.

The examples in the figures below show incorrectly assembled bases. This happens, in particular, where the screws are tightened first.