Connect 2N® IP Phone D7A to My2N

2N® IP Phone D7A can be added to the My2N portal as a 3rd-party device thus subscription is necessary.

More info here:

If you want to use the 2N® IP Phone D7A for My2N cloud calling, please into the My2N portal and follow the steps below.

#1 Create 3rd party account

  1. click on ADD DEVICE
  2. add 3rd party device

#2 Copy the login credentials

  1. copy the Device ID
  2. copy the Device Password
  3. copy the SIP Proxy address

#3 Register the 2N® IP Phone D7A

  1. use the copied Device ID as Registration Name and Username
  2. use the copied Device Password as Password
  3. used the copied SIP Proxy address as Server Host, set the port to 5060
  4. set the Transport to TCP
  5. set your own Display Name; it will be shown on the display of the IP Phone D7A (optional)
  6. Activate the account

#4 Enable video preview &
Set unlock code

  1. set the Device ID of the 2N IP Intercom as a Phone Number
  2. set the Unlock PIN based on the switch code of the 2N IP Intercom (do not forget to put star "*" at the end of the code)
  3. set the Display Name, this will be shown during the incoming call (optional)
  4. make sure the rest is enabled as per the picture (default)