5.4.10 SNMP

The 2N IP intercoms integrate a remote intercom supervision functionality via the SNMP. The integrated SNMP agent becomes available when the Enhanced Integration license key is added. The intercoms support the SNMP version 2c.

List of Parameters

  • Community string – text string representing the access key to the MIB table objects.
  • Trap IP address  IP address to which the SNMP traps are to be sent.


  • Traps are not supported at the present version. 2N IP intercom operates with request - response messages. 
  • Download MIB file  download the current MIB definition from a device.

  • Contact  enter the device manager contact (name, e-mail, etc.).
  • Name  enter the device name.
  • Location  enter the device location (1st floor, e.g.).

  • IP address enter up to 4 valid IP addresses for SNMP agent access to block access from other addresses. If the field is empty, the device may be accessed from any IP address.