5.4.9 Audio Test

The 2N IP intercoms allow you to perform periodical tests of the integrated speaker and microphone. For the test purpose, the integrated speaker generates one or more short beeps. The integrated microphone receives the generated tone and the test is successful if the tone is detected correctly. The test takes approximately 4 seconds. If the test fails (which may be due to an extreme surrounding noise level, e.g.), a new test is carried out in 10 minutes. The result of the last test can be displayed in the intercom confirmation interface or processed by the Automation.


  • The audio test is available with the Gold or Enhanced Audio license only.
  •  If a call is active when the audio test starts, the audio test will be put off until the call is terminated. The audio test will be performed the moment the call is terminated. 

List of Parameters

  • Audio test enabled – enable automatic execution of the audio test.

  • Test period – set the test period: daily or weekly.
  • Test start time – set the test starting time in the HH:MM format. We recommend you to set a time at which a low intercom traffic is expected.
  • Save and run test – push the button to start and save  the test immediately regardless of the current settings.

  • Test status – this parameter displays the current test status.
  • Last test time – this parameter displays the time of the last-performed test.
  • Last test result – this parameter displays the result of the last-performed test.