About company

ConsolONE© by Smartnet is a monitoring system designed and built to help you control and manage, in a simple and complete way, every kind of technology in your company. From the detection of critical issues and malfunctions to reporting on performance and operational risks. Consolone© guarantees you a capillary control of each device and analyzes its use, performance, potential, number of errors and sources that generate them.

The objective is to integrate and manage all kind of 2N intercom and control Access device to monitor the functionality retrieve images and logs of user access to grant  operator the visibility of the logs of entrance integrated with other information collected by thirdy part technology such as People counting, termoscanner and so on.

Supported features

  • Video from intercom
  • Switch control
  • Access events from intercoms and access units

Supported version:

ConsolONE version2N devices versionScan deviceVideo from IntercomSwitch controlEvents from 2N devices

20.4 and higher

20.4 and higher

Required Licenses:

  • Enhanced Video (Part No. 9137906, Axis Part No. 01377-001)
  • Enhanced Integration (Part No. 9137907, Axis Part No. 01378-001)


2N Device configuration

2N devices works with any version of ConsolONE and with both Cloud and on-premise installation, it requires just IP visibility with 2N device and granted user accessibility.

1)      SNMP (if applicable)

2)      Enable http API in device

ConsoleONE example