About company

Desarrollo de Sistemas Integrados de Control S.A. (DESICO ©),  offers engineering solutions in automation and control projects related to the security market. Our activity is focused on the development, implementation and commissioning of systems Integration using our own technology and products.

DESICO © manufactures the Integration system "VIGIPLUS PSIM", a suite of applications consisting of personalised SCADA for managing and integrating security systems, such as Intrusion, Fire, CCTV, Access , Visits, Accreditations, Patrols and also Automation and Control systems.

Integration with 2N products

The integration with 2N intercoms is based on HTTP commands. 2N IP Intercoms communicate with Vigiplus system via https API.  You will be allowed to supervise each element, make actions, actuations,  scheduling… etc.

Supported features

  • Video from intercom by CGI commands
  • Switch control
  • Intercom status

Supported versions:

2N IP IntercomVersionHTTP Commands
2N® IP Force, 2N® IP Vario2.6 + higher


2N Intercom Settings

To work correctly with 2N devices, you need to configure intercoms with http connection (unsecure connection):

Vigiplus settings

In Vigiplus system, we can configure default connection with “Default parameters button” and we need configure SIP and address/port.