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Version 3

Crestron MC4-RCrestron panelCrestron Home App
2N IP Intercom Version 
AudioVideoSwitch controlVideo Preview
3.007.0166TSW-770 1.004.00461.15.3r

3.007.0166TSW-760 3.001.00261.12.8r

-TSW-760 2.009.0080-

2N IP Intercom Settings

Open web browser and enter IP address of intercom (default login credentials: admin/2n). If you don´t know IP address of your Intercom, you can use 2N® IP Network Scanner (download to discover 2N devices in your network.

You will be asked to change the login credentials after your first login. In the web GUI navigate to Services – Phone – Calls - Advanced Settings and enable Crestron Network Discovery. You can set Crestron Device Name and Crestron Group Name of your intercom.

After you’ve did SAVE your previous settings go to section Directory - Users and create new user, who will be used for your calling from the intercom. Thanks to 2N implementation of Crestron RAVA protocol you can use directly Crestron Device name(s) to make calls to RAVA enabled devices. To make a RAVA call, fill in the Phone Number field rava: followed by one or more Crestron Device Names, Crestron Device Groups, extensions seperated by “,”.

Example of use: rava:CRESTRON. This will initiate a call to Crestron Panel with Device Name CRESTRON.

Go to menu Hardware - Buttons to assign users to the physical buttons on your intercom. If you have a unit with 1 button only, click in section Quick Dial Buttons on line 1 and select the name of the user you’ve created before. Save it and press the intercom button to make a RAVA call.

If you want to use switch, please set Connection Type and Authentication of Switch API in menu Service/HTTP API.
Now you have to set Account of HTTP API in menu Services/HTTP API.

Crestron MC4-R Settings

Open application Crestron Home Setup and connect your controller. Now please enter username and password of controller.

Your Crestron panel connect to Crestron controller. Crestron panel search controller, set username and password and connect it. Now all settings we set in application Crestron Home Setup. At the moment you can make a call from IP Intercom to Crestron panel.

To control the intercom´s switches directly from Crestron Home, purchase and download the 2N Doorstation driver from LightingControl:

Go to menu Pair Devices.

Open menu Drivers.

Click on menu Lock, then click on "2N". And select a room.
Now you can add switch control of IP intercom with button "+". Enter name of Lock.
Set Licence Key, IP Address, username and password of HTTP API of switch and save it.
Go to menu Actions & Events and click on Whole House.
Click on Quick Actions, add new action, set Settings as Sequence and Actions add Switch 1 On.
Go to menu Actions & Events again and click on your created room - in example Atrium.
Click on 2N Door Item.
Select Input 1 Opened, mode set as Quick Actions and choose action Door.
Now you can control switch of IP intercom via button on the Crestron panel.

Documents, video manual

See how easy it is to add 2N systems to Crestron Pyng OS 2 projects

Video manual of switch control -,

Required Licenses

  • Enhanced Integration (Part No. 9137907) for Switch Control

Used Symbols

(tick) - Interoperable

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible