Samsung SRN series



Version 1

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Samsung NVR Recorders are network video storage and retrieval systems that open up all new possibilities in CCTV surveillance operations and management for your business. These extraordinary, highly reliable Samsung NVR and DVR recorders provide unparalleled scalability to fulfill your extended CCTV systems and CCTV surveillance needs. 

Samsung Communications Centre Brisbane offers a complete range of DVR Recorder and NVR recorders (Network Video Recorders) to complete your CCTV systems. Our high performance DVR recorder and NVR recorder systems are designed to provide high quality images while conserving storage network resources. Contact Samsung Communications Centre Brisbane for information on a DVR Recorder / NVR Recorder. We will help you to choose the right DVR Recorder / NVR recorder and suitable CCTV cameras for your business type, size and CCTV surveillance needs.

Version 1

Tested Functions

Samsung SRN seriesIP Intercom VersionScan deviceVideo from IP IntercomAudio from IP IntercomAudio to IP IntercomSwitch controlEvents from IP Intercom





2N IP Intercom Settings

Set ONVIF Service (Enhanced Video license required) to Discoverable mode. Default ONVIF user has username "admin" and password "2n".


Enable Streaming service. Make sure you have enabled Audio Streaming if you want to stream audio too.


Tested Features

In the menu Device / Camera, card Cam Registration add 2N Helios IP by the Auto button.


The video from 2N IP Intercom can be watched on the device or via device web server.


Stream from 2N IP Intercom in the internal network can be retranslated by the Samsung NVR to the external network. The stream address is:

rtsp://<Samsung_NVR_IP_address>:558/LiveChannel/<Camera_channel_ID>/media.smp e.g. rtsp://

In the menu Device / Camera, card Channel Setup enable audio for 2N IP Intercom.


The audio stream from 2N IP Intercom can be listended via the device web server.


Used Symbols

(tick) - Compatible

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible